Microbatch: Tropical Cacao Fruit

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As makers of fine chocolate, we revere the fruit that makes it a possibility. The nuanced flavors of different chocolate origins start with the tropical fruit itself.

If you didn't already know, chocolate is made with the cacao beans (or seeds) that are harvested from fresh cacao fruit pods. Each cacao pod contains a cluster of beans which are surrounded by a thin layer of sweet fruit pulp. The beans are fermented, dried and roasted to make chocolate.

Few people get the opportunity to taste fresh cacao fruit, so until we figure out how to grow cacao trees here in Eureka, we bring you this month's Microbatch! Featuring silky 70% Belize dark chocolate with the fruity, tropical flavors of cacao fruit mixed right in! We hope you'll enjoy tasting (perhaps for the first time) the tropical flavors of cacao fruit!

INGREDIENTS: Cacao, Cane Sugar*, Cocoa Butter*, Freeze Dried Cacao Fruit, Sunflower lecithin*


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