Microbatch: Blackberry Bergamot

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Each month we create a unique inclusion bar, made in tiny batches for one month.

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The month of August ushers in our favorite time on California’s North Coast: the peak of blackberry season! Blackberry picking becomes a favorite activity on sunny evenings and weekends. Full bowls of fresh berries are brought home to be made into pies, cobblers, jams, and occasionally...a cocktail to unwind with in the sun. This month’s bar is inspired by one of our favorite summer drinks, a cocktail made with a blend of blackberry syrup and earl grey tea. We quickly got to work on how we could transform those flavors into a chocolate bar. We paired our 65% Belize dark chocolate with a blend of organic blackberries and bergamot. Voila, the combination was divine! The warmth of the dark chocolate against the sweet and tart flavors of the berries and floral bergamot captured exactly what we were hoping for, summer in a bar. We hope you will enjoy every bite.

During warmer weather months (April- October) we ship all orders in an insulated box that's been carefully arranged with ice packs to GUARANTEE that your chocolate arrives in perfect condition. While shipping is still FREE, there is an $8 fee for orders less than $29 to cover the additional associated costs of cold shipping. ALL orDERS WILL BE SHIPPED MONDAY-WEDNESDAY TO AVoID TIME IN HIGH TEMPS OVEr THE WEEKEND. We are honored to make and ship chocolate directly to your door.

INGREDIENTS: Cacao*, Cane Sugar*, Freeze Dried Blackberries*, Bergamot Oil




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