MICROBATCH: Smoked Almond & Sea Salt

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Each month we create a unique inclusion bar, made in tiny batches for one month.

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September is often one of the loveliest months of the year on the Pacific North Coast. While the summer is behind us, the warm fall nights continually coax us into “just one more BBQ...” Much like chocolate making, a really good barbecued meal is something that cannot be rushed. Some of the best BBQ is cooked at a low temperature for a painstakingly long time. It is in this same spirit that we have created September’s bar. Using the expertise of our in-house pitmaster Joe Durkin, we hickory-smoked organic California almonds for 3 hours. The aroma and flavor of the almonds themselves is exceptional! We then added them to our 65% Belize dark chocolate, which creates an even deeper and more complex flavor profile. A final dash of smoked sea salt graces the back of the bar, offering a balanced sweet-savory finish. Make sure you have one of these bars as an after dinner treat the next time you grill in your backyard!

During warmer weather months (April- October) we ship all orders in an insulated box that's been carefully arranged with ice packs to GUARANTEE that your chocolate arrives in perfect condition. While shipping is still FREE, there is an $8 fee for orders less than $29 to cover the additional associated costs of cold shipping. ALL orDERS WILL BE SHIPPED MONDAY-WEDNESDAY TO AVoID TIME IN HIGH TEMPS OVEr THE WEEKEND. We are honored to make and ship chocolate directly to your door.

INGREDIENTS: Cacao*, Cane Sugar*, Cocoa Butter*, Almonds*, Sea Salt




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