Product FAQs

What does Bean-to-Bar mean?

While all chocolate is technically bean to bar, we use the term to describe someone who buys raw cocoa beans and makes it into finished chocolate products.

What does the percentage mean? (example 72% Belize)

For us, since we use just two ingredients it’s a simple ratio by weight of cocoa nibs to sugar. The percentage refers to the amount of cocoa in a given product.

What is Single Origin Chocolate?

Basically it means that all the cocoa in a particular bar comes from a SINGLE estate or a SINGLE co-op from a particular region; it defines where the cocoa comes from geographically.

Does my chocolate contain any of the following? Soy, Gluten, Dairy or Nuts?

We take great care in trying to provide allergen isolation and go to great pains to minimize allergen contamination each step of the chocolate making process. Being a small batch producer, it allows us to isolate machinery used for particular products and thoroughly clean between uses. That being said, there is potential for cross contamination.

What kind of Cacao Beans do you use?

Typically cacao has been classified into three main varietals; Trinitario, Forestario, Criollo. Current research in cacao genetics actually indicate that there is vastly more diversity in the types of genetic varietals of cacao, not just limited to three and possibly more than ten. For us the bottom line is always flavor, we don’t purchase cacao based on genetic claims. We let the flavor of the cacao dictate what we buy.

What kind of sugar do you use?

We use the highest quality (vegan) organic cane sugar in all our products. We source from the Green Cane Project in Brazil which ethically and sustainably produces cane sugar.

Can you please explain “Tasting Notes”?

The ‘Tasting Notes’ are flavors you may notice while tasting each chocolate. Similar to tasting notes in wine, these flavors are coming from the cocoa bean itself. No additional flavors have been added. They are listed as AROMA/FLAVOR/FINISH. Give it a try and see what you taste.

Is your chocolate certified organic?

We are not a certified organic facility. We do buy certified organic cacao where we can, and only use certified organic cane sugar. We make every effort to buy and use organic ingredients where we can, but flavor is the main thing that we are after.

Is your chocolate certified fair trade?

We are not certified fair trade. We do, however, pay tremendous premiums for the cacao that we buy. The most important thing for us is a high level of transparency throughout the supply web. Close relationships with all our suppliers helps to insure a high level of equity to all involved parties from cocoa growers to finished chocolate consumers.

Why is your chocolate and other craft chocolate so much more expensive than the chocolate commonly found in grocery stores?

There are many factors that affect the price of our chocolate bars. One of the main reasons is the cost of the raw ingredients are very high, as well as the labor that goes into making chocolate on such a small scale. The only way to make it sustainable, is that the bar has to cost more. In order to adequately pay farmers a reasonable living wage, as well as the craftspeople that make the chocolate, the finished bar price must reflect the cost of production.

What is the difference between a Chocolate Maker vs a Chocolatier?

A chocolate maker is somebody that is buying cocoa beans and then performing all the steps to make finished chocolate themselves. A Chocolatier buys and re-melts already produced chocolate to make into confections and flavored bars etc.

Shipping & Returns

How much does shipping cost?

USPS shipping fees will be covered by us on ALL orders. However, in order to cover the costs of the insulation materials that keep your chocolate safe during the warmer months, we are charging a $10 fee, that can be waived if you order $39 or more.

When will you ship my order?
-- During the Spring and Summer months, your order will be shipped in 2-3 business days. Orders placed Wed-Fri will ship Mon-Tues. Please note if the weather will be too hot to safely ship, we will hold your order until it is cooler.
-- During the Fall and Winter months, your order will be shipped in 3-5 business days.

How long will it take to receive my order?

-- West Coast takes 2-3 business days
-- Central States & East Coast takes 3-5 business days

Can you expedite my order?

Yes, at shipping you may select an expedited option

Do you accept returns?

Each situation is different but we are happy to discuss any issues with you to find a resolution

My billing address is incorrect! Can you help?

If your transaction went through and you received an order confirmation, you are all set and nothing needs to be changed! 


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