Peru, piura Blanco

BEAN SOURCE: puerta pulache community co-operative

FLAVOR PROFILE: fudge, crisp apple & dates



The cacao from Puerta Pulache near Piura, Peru is truly unique. This cacao has been grown in the Sechura desert for at least 1000 years. Cacao is almost never grown in this climate, but narrow river valleys flowing from the Andes provide the right micro climate to grow this distinct cacao variety. The unique heirloom cultivars grown in this small community allow the cacao to have a very distinct genetic makeup, geographically isolating it from interbreeding with other cacao varieties. Proof of this lies in the very high white seed count, almost 30%, that can result from genetic isolation. Many farmers in the area have moved away from growing cacao in favor of more profitable crops like lime, making these cocoa beans even more rare. After a near 10 year absence from the western market, this cacao is experiencing a resurgence.

We took great care when working with these unique beans. Our goal, in making this bar, was to essentially let the uniqueness of the cacao shine through. We used a very delicate roast profile in hopes of preserving the complex yet soft and subtle flavor profile. We also choose to make this bar at 80% (darker than normal for us) to further allow the distinct character of this cacao to stand out. We are thrilled to have a small amount to work with and share with you.



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