Keeping your chocolate safe, all summer long!

As you may have guessed, in order to keep chocolate safe in transit, cold shipping during warmer months is a MUST. As we approach our "cold-shipping season", we will continue to offer free USPS shipping on all orders. Any orders under $35 are subject to a $7 warm weather/insulation fee to help us cover the insulated packaging material cost. Orders over $35 will not be subject to this fee.  

So, in short: Actual USPS shipping fees will be covered by us on ALL orders. However, in order to cover the costs of the insulation materials that keep your chocolate safe, we are charging a $7 fee, that can be waived if you order $35 or more.


Check out our new sustainable, biodegradable insulation!

When it comes to cold shipping and box insulation, environmental sustainability is often overlooked. This year, we re-evaluated our cold shipping program to find an eco-friendly alternative. We are happy to start this warmer season with an almost fully biodegradable (95%) insulated liner. Made from US-grown corn, these "Green Cell" liners can be dissolved, composted, used as a fire starter, or even placed in your garden as mulch!

We are super excited to take this BIG step in making our shipping process more sustainable.




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