Building Update: July

This past month has been full of unexpected things, but we’re fortunate to have a stellar team, contractor, and subs to help us get through. Some of the photos here feature reclaimed materials from original trusses that we’ve relocated for use throughout the building. Old buildings always come with surprises and this 150 year old beauty has been no exception!

Surprises such as rotting walls, increased material costs, and engineering delays have been a few of the hurdles we’ve faced. As you may have heard, the price of materials has skyrocketed due to supply chain shortages. Luckily our team has found workarounds which have lessened the impact for us. And we find that any woes of increased budget are quickly washed away at the beautiful sight of our waterfront location!

We’ve been working to pull in the front of our building slightly to allow for more sidewalk space. We’ve also added more windows to the storefront to make the most of the bay’s morning light. In doing so we’ve had delays with engineer work and also found some rot hiding in the walls.

We’ve just met with the painter and flooring specialist to discuss floor finishes and concrete polishes. Windows and doors have been ordered, and the electricians have begun running wires. We’re thrilled with our progress and

hopeful that the exterior will be ready to showcase in the near future.


Carpenters putting up support frames for walls
Frame for upstairs walk way
Frame for the main hallway of the factory

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