NY Times Feature!

New Packaging!

We are proud to release our new interior bar packaging. This custom air-tight wrapper will improve your chocolate experience in so many ways.


• Increasing aroma and flavor preservation.

• Protecting your chocolate from absorbing other aromas of nearby foods.

• Delivering chocolate as fresh as the day we made it, whenever you open the package.


New Bars, New Pairings!

2018 Valentines! Vanilla Raspberry


Using our 2018 Good Food Award winning 73% Northerner Blend (Madagascan & Brazilian cacao) dark chocolate we've dusted it with a mix of organic freeze-dried raspberries and organic vanilla coconut palm sugar to make a delightful berry bar for Valentine's Day.

1 oz.

$7 each.

Good Food Award Winners!

January 21, 2018 we became the proud winner of our THIRD Good Food Award for our 73% Northerner Blend Dark Chocolate. Made up of a blend of Madagascan and Brazilian cacao and adding only cane sugar this bar is made with just two ingredients.

An original balanced blend of Madagascan and Brazilian cacao
Tasting Notes: Dried Apricot/Honey/Cocoa



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