tanzania, kilombero valley

bean source: kokoa kamili

Flavor profile: rose, tart cherry & ripe peach

price paid in 2024: $7.86/kg (162% above fair trade organic minimum)

farmgate price: $2.26/KG


Since their foundation, Kokoa Kamili has been a positive force in the Tanzanian cacao industry. They have worked tirelessly to improve the quality of cacao being imported from Tanzania, elevating it from a bulk commodity to something exceptional and world-class. Through direct sourcing from local farmers and meticulous quality control measures, they ensure the production of premium-grade cocoa beans with a destinctive fruity flavor profile. Their commitment to organic certification and sustainable farming practices further solidifies their reputation as industry leaders. We are delighted to announce our partnership with Kokoa Kamili, as their values closely align with our pursuit of excellence and ethical sourcing.




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